Administrative UI Feature Plans

Once OpenBlock is installed, ideally nearly all configuration and management would happen through a web-based administration panel. This does not yet exist, and the development of this component will be one of the most major and important tasks.

Some of this configuration may lend itself to a wizard-style UI for initial bootstrapping.

Administration tasks will include:

  • Basic configuration - this may include some things currently in such as:
    • name of city
    • default map center
    • default map zoom
    • site base URL
  • Basic style, map theme etc.
    • base layer for map (eg. google, WMS with a URL, ...)
    • logo
    • site title
    • favicon
    • custom CSS? hmm... if people know how to write CSS they can probably handle putting it in the right dir on the filesystem.
  • Enable/disable/customize some typical examples of schemas (News, Police Reports, Restaurant Reviews)
  • Create schemas for new data types
  • Create/configure/remove news sources of standard types (RSS etc)
    • this may imply somehow generating or configuring code for ScraperScripts
    • take a wizard approach to UI?
    • or maybe spit out a script suitable for pushing JSON items to the REST API
  • Create/update/delete existing news items in the database, etc.
  • User administration
    • password resets?
    • delete or disable suspected spammers

Additionally, there is an admin UI component of several other desired features:

  • Administrative UI for configuring widgets, which will produce code that website managers can include on their sites.
  • Moderation of user-submitted content
  • Documentation of admin UI