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What's OpenBlock?

OpenBlock is a web application that displays "hyper-local news": things that are happening right on your block and around the corner.

OpenBlock can also be used as a service providing a REST API, feeds, and custom widgets for integration with your existing systems.

Any kind of data that has both a location and a date could be displayed by an openblock site. Typical examples include: local police reports, news articles mentioning local places, restaurant inspections, etc.

The best way to understand what OpenBlock can do is to see it in action. Check out the demo at

Development on OpenBlock is ongoing. Catch up with the latest news on our  blog. If you're a developer,  join the discussion list,  head to github, or dive into our  detailed documentation.


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Future Plans

Plans for Installation Strategies

Plans for REST API

Plans for Admin UI

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History of OpenBlock

OpenBlock is a fork of the open-source code originally created for by Adrian Holovaty and others. While the original developers are continuing as a commercial project, OpenBlock has been spun off as a fully free/open-source (GPL v3) project.

This work is being done by  OpenPlans with funding from the  Knight Foundation, who also funded the initial development of

For more information, see