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#45 Specialized SchemaField UI obadmin 1.0.1 enhancement pushcx new 09/10/10
#46 Specialized NewsItem UI obadmin 1.0.1 enhancement pushcx new 09/10/10
#86 Location admin UI should fill some fields automatically obadmin 1.0a1 enhancement pushcx new 12/17/10
#89 Need to deal with locations that are not really local to that location ebpub enhancement slinkp new 01/05/11
#107 Admin UI screen for configuring the default map center & zoom obadmin 1.0a1 enhancement slinkp assigned 02/07/11
#152 Example OpenLayers widget hitting API obdemo 1.0a1 enhancement slinkp new 05/04/11
#154 Enforce more constraints on SchemaField configuration obadmin enhancement pushcx new 05/06/11
#165 admin UI for lookups should constrain to schemafields with is_lookup = True obadmin 1.0a1 enhancement pushcx assigned 05/25/11
#177 maps on location list page ebpub 1.0.1 enhancement new 06/07/11
#195 include icons for example schemas ebpub 1.0a1 enhancement new 08/08/11
#206 Configure GeoRSS feed subscriptions to scrape in admin UI scrapers 1.0a1 enhancement new 08/17/11
#209 Scraper Wiki Scraper? scrapers 1.0a1 enhancement new 08/17/11
#247 More useful data in feeds: xcal, georss obdemo 1.0.1 enhancement slinkp new 09/14/11
#251 Document and promote "big map" more ebpub 1.0.1 enhancement new 10/05/11
#283 Address link from an event-ish item should link to upcoming events in that area, not recent news ebpub 1.1 enhancement new 03/22/12
#284 Neighbornews add/edit form: Better feedback when clicking map ebpub 1.1 enhancement new 03/22/12
#285 REST API should support reverse-geocoding ebpub 1.1 enhancement new 03/22/12
#32 "assumed location" for news sources ebdata 1.1 enhancement new 09/03/10
#54 Scrapers should warn about coordinates out of bounds scrapers enhancement new 09/15/10
#106 Geocoder: maybe do algorithmic spelling correction in addition to searching Misspelling table ebpub 1.2 enhancement new 01/27/11
#124 datetimes on models are not timezone-aware ebpub enhancement new 02/25/11
#134 Support using MapQuest tiles for the base layer ebpub 1.0a1 enhancement slinkp new 03/24/11
#145 Support importing street & block data from OpenStreetMap installation enhancement new 04/06/11
#151 Create a basic javascript widget that hits API obdemo enhancement slinkp new 05/04/11
#153 geojson map layer widget template ebpub enhancement new 05/04/11
#163 Replace ebpub.geocoder.models.GeocoderCache with the normal cacheing framework, and/or purge old cache data ebpub 1.0.1 enhancement new 05/23/11
#212 NewsItem POST API should update the DataUpdate model? ebpub 1.0a1 enhancement new 08/17/11
#241 Ebdata scrapers should be runnable as scripts, and provide a convenient way to load their schemas scrapers 1.0.1 enhancement new 09/12/11
#249 Better generic support for JSON in NewsItem attribute fields ebpub 1.0.1 enhancement new 10/03/11
#277 Support for excel XLSX files ebdata enhancement new 03/01/12
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